Trading Process

It’s free to list your Golf Clubs and free to conduct a trade transaction with ClubTrader.

You receive trade offers from other ClubTrader members after you list a club for trade.  Once both parties accept a trade offer, ClubTrader conducts the transaction.  ClubTrader pre-authorizes the value of the club based on the ClubTrader ValueCheck listed price until the transaction is completed.  This ensures that the trade is processed securely and is satisfactory to both parties.  Once both parties have received their expected clubs in the conditions stated, the authorization holds are released for both parties, and the trade transaction is complete.

Example:  Member “A” lists for trade a club valued at $75.  Member “B” has a club listed to trade valued at $50.  The credit cards of Members “A” and “B” are pre-authorized (not charged) for the value of their clubs.  Once both parties have received their clubs, we release the authorization hold on both parties and charge member “B” for $25.00, which is the cost difference.   ClubTrader will then send $25 to member “A” and complete the trade transaction.

Both traders pay only $11.95 for their ClubTrader EasyShip kit, which is sent to them USPS First Class Mail  and arrives in 2-3 days. 

Each trader’s kit includes:

The EasyShip custom box, bubblewrap head protector, and shipping tape, UPS Ground label pre-addressed and simple instructions. 

Simply place the club into the ClubTrader EasyShip box and drop it off at one of the 4,600 UPS drop off locations.  Or you may request pick-up at your front door.  It’s really that simple!! 


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